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You’re looking to get a professional grade German or English translation of your website, procedures or other content?

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You’ve arrived at your one-stop shop for German-English translation and transcreation. My name is Micha, and I’m a linguist with over 10 years’ experience writing and translating websites, articles, and other texts from German to English and back. As a native speaker of both languages, I can offer high quality translations into both English and German. You can contact me with your project directly for a consultation, or check out more details about the services I offer below.


Website Translation

Website texts, product descriptions, landing pages and similar

Rate: €0.22/word

Article Translation

Blog content, white papers and other long form content such as ebooks or video scripts

Rate: €0.20/word

Technical Translation

Translations of technical documents such as procedures, user guides, or handbooks

Rate: €0.45/word

Editing & Proofreading

Reviewing existing texts, correcting errors and making suggestions for improvement

Rate: €65/per hour

Special Translations

I’m also happy to take on other kinds of translation work, including:

  • Translations from audio (including dialect speakers)
  • Book translations for self-published authors
  • Subtitles for Youtube Videos
  • Any other translation project

Pricing: Variable

Supporting SEO Services

Do you need some SEO-support for your German or English content? If you don’t know which keywords you want to target in your translated texts, I can do the necessary keyword research for you, and create a report that you can use to guide future translations and content creation in the target market.

Pricing: €500-€2000 depending on the size of the project

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