The Word Smithy

Great writing takes time and requires the proper application of the writing process. These are the writing services that I can offer you and your business. I believe in providing transparency and include the breakdown of what exactly you’re paying for below the description of each service.

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This is permanent content for your website, which includes product descriptions, FAQ’s pages, “about us” pages, etc… Writing good web copy requires more input from the client and usually goes through a revision process before it really shines. Cost varies depending on your needs.

Pricing: 20 cents per word, may vary slightly depending on the content involved.


Quick, SEO friendly 500 word articles on any topic designed to be entertaining and readable. These types of articles take 2-3 hours each and are great for keeping your blog or website fresh with good content. Reduced Pricing available for bulk or regularly recurring purchases.

Individual Article : $120

Package of 4 Articles: $400 ($100 each)


This is high-level content that you publish under your own name for marketing or thought-leadership purposes. It’s meant to impress and interest professionals and laypeople alike, and it requires clear communication with the client and proper implementation of the writing process, meaning multiple rounds of re-writes, revisions, and edits. 

800-1000 Word Piece: $500


This is if you want to do your own writing, and just need an expert to make suggestions and help you revise, edit, and improve your writing.

Per 500 words: $30



Payment is accepted via Wire Transfer, Paypal, or TransferWise.