Here are a few examples of my content work.

Translation and Localization DE <-> EN

Translation and localization involves translating and adapting content for a new audience. Content typically targeted for translation and localization include websites, video scripts, and sales letters, but can involve any content your business wants a foreign audience to interact with.

Localization is critical from a business perspective, as cultural norms and expectations can differ significantly across borders. This allows businesses to not just make themselves understood, but to address potential customers in a professional and natural manner.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions can come in two main forms. Short and simple informative text descriptions like this are typically about 100 words long and are designed to incorporate relevant keywords while also supplying any important information that might not be immediately obvious from the image.

Longer, sales-letter style product pages are ideal for describing more complex products or services that are designed to solve a problem. They tend to be a bit longer, and are formatted to guide the reader through to the point of sale.

Blog Content

Blog writing is about engaging the client’s target audience, encouraging them to spend more time on the website and to engage more with the client’s mission and products. This also helps to improve traffic to the website, lowers bounce rates, and gives businesses the opportunity to emphasize particular keywords for SEO. All of these serve to improve search rankings, while also doubling as a form of content marketing.